Cascade: The Heart of Seattle

Around the Cascade neighborhood, you’ll see signs that say “The Heart of Seattle.” Why? This down-to-earth, green micro-neighborhood in South Lake Union is really the geographic center of Seattle, as confirmed by a Seattle Times reporter who worked with a team of city surveyors and professional geographers to establish the center of the city once and for all. Cascade is the heart of the city, and your new apartment at Rivet will be the heart of your life in the neighborhood.


Meet a Neighbor...

Caffè Torino, founded in 2012, is the culmination of a lifelong dream for owner Andrea Florissi. He grew up in Italy and worked for a number of years at Microsoft, but always imagined opening a classic Italian-inspired café that reminded him of home. After a long search for just the right spot, Andrea settled on the Cascade neighborhood.

Caffè Torino is open for your morning coffee fix, lunchtime break and happy hour Monday through Friday, and is a perfect brunch spot for the weekend.

Tip: Try the Brioche buns “con gelato” for a sweet treat!


Coming Up...

Outdoor Photography Basics
REI Seattle
January 22, 2014
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Learn the basic techniques of outdoor photography using your own camera. This class takes place at the REI Outdoor School at REI’s flagship store in the Cascade neighborhood.

At Cascade Playground, you’ll find kids of all ages playing. At the park, it’s not uncommon to see kickball with Underdog Sports, planting in the P-Patch (sign up for your own!) and outdoor dance classes happening all at once!

Cascade is also known as a recreational mecca in the city—it’s home to REI’s flagship store as well as a host of other outdoor retailers including Snowboard Connection, Feathered Friends and Born to Run. Gear up for your next adventure right here! Return home from a long day outside and stage your own neighborhood pub crawl. Paddy Coynes and Feierabend, right here in the Cascade neighborhood, are two top spots to while away an evening.

The Cascade neighborhood runs along the east side of Fairview, from Denny to Mercer and along Eastlake Avenue at the foot of Capitol Hill. It’s just across the street from the Amazon campus in South Lake Union and a short ten-minute walk to downtown. Access to I5 is a snap—be on the road in minutes.